11 Reasons Why SEO Is Important Now More Than Ever

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What is the purpose of doing SEO?

Simply increasing your sales and leads, through implementing SEO you can boost your brand awareness and other benefits.

When the web ranking is already in the top position, the chances of the website appearing with potential customers are higher. Attract more views, improve conversion rates into real customers. Help promote the brand while increasing sales.

SEO thúc đẩy toàn diện mục tiêu kinh doanh

SEO promotes comprehensive business goals

People are searching every day and most only look at the first page of results. So if a customer is searching for your product, and you accidentally get placed on the second page or any other page other than the first, you are less likely to visit your website.

Therefore, for today's business enterprises, the battle for high position on search engine rankings is extremely important.

What are the advantages of SEO?

“80% of users click on Organic results instead of Google Ads. And in that 80%, on average 65% click on the top 5 results.” This proves that users trust and click on a website that reaches the top of search with more organic methods.

So all businesses need is to put their website on Top Google by many Organic methods, and SEO is the most effective way. So what are the advantages of SEO?

A channel to attract customers sustainably & continuously growing

Compared to traditional advertising channels or running Ads on Digital platforms, SEO is a sustainable marketing channel? Why is it sustainable? Let me explain this.

SEO is the method to make your website TOP in Google search with Organic Traffic, it will not be a short-term method, focusing on immediate results. When you implement SEO properly, your website will have a stable and growing traffic source, and you will appear on the TOP of Google search.

Ranking higher in search results than your competitors can have an important impact on results of your business, you will have more opportunities to reach customers, sell more products. This will take a long time, but it is a stable and sustainable method!

Increase the ROI rate

ROI (Return On Investment) is the ratio of profit earned to investment costs, the higher the ROI, the more efficient the business operation is.

SEO giúp gia tăng tỉ lệ ROI

SEO helps increase ROI

When implementing SEO, determining the right goals and keywords when running the campaign will bring profits and increase the number of visitors to your website. With SEO you can:

  • You can calculate the profit from the amount of traffic coming in
  • Improve the conversion rate of each keyword brought, improve revenue
  • Analyze and evaluate the status of business websites to solve problems that directly affect revenue.

Cost savings

According to research, SEO saves about 61% more than the cost of selling over the phone (Tele sale). SEO is a Marketing activity based on your creativity and data, as I mentioned above, if you aim correctly you will win the game without spending too much.

Improve user experience

Implementing SEO is not simply achieving high rankings, but also the process of attracting and conquering users through the experience on the website.

User experience UX has a strong relationship with SEO. Google is getting smarter and smarter, RankBrain algorithm focuses on behavioral indicators (bounce rate, CTR, number of pages/sessions, …) to help Google determine what behaviors users have on the page and who Are users satisfied while on the site?

The main task of SEOer is now not only keywords but increasingly satisfying the needs of user experience on the page.

SEO và trải nghiệm người dùng có mối liên hệ mật thiết

SEO and user experience are closely related

I will analyze the user journey while searching on Google to give you a better idea of ​​the relationship between SEO and UX:

  • Step 1: User Intent: Users when searching for information on a search engine have an intention and desire for the provided content.
  • Step 2: Rank well (Rankings): SEOer will optimize the content so that the website has a high ranking in search engines so that customers can easily access it.
  • Step 3: Digital Interaction: When customers visit the website, they will create interactions on the page. This is when the SEO and UX teams work together to optimize performance and drive conversions.

As you can see, SEO plays a big role in increasing the user experience on the website. SEOs should combine technical SEO with quality content to provide the best customer experience.

Customer analytics support

In today's 4.0 era, nothing is more important than customer data. And SEO will help you find that.

SEO has an important effect in helping businesses conduct customer analysis. From there, help businesses find their potential customer portraits. Choose effective marketing methods to maximize customer interest.

SEO hỗ trợ trong việc phân tích khách hàng

SEO assists in customer analysis

Brand developing

Most people are constantly searching on Google. They don't stop looking for a keyword or click on a website in the search results and finish. Instead, they tend to search for related keywords many more times until they get the most complete information. So what does this mean for you?

When your website continuously appears at the top position of Google. Users will evaluate you as an expert in the field of service business, the product they are aiming for and choose your product and service as a symbol of prestige.

Sounds appealing, isn't it, that's the benefit that a brand name brings to you. And SEO is going to help you build your brand in the minds of your customers step by step, sustainably and surely.

That's the advantage, what about the cons?

I will analyze it soon!

What are the disadvantages of SEO?

It is a matter of long-term investment, competitors or SEO ranking fluctuations.

Long investment time

SEO is a long-term method, so getting articles on your website to appear at the top of the search engines will take a long time and can often be up to several months.

So, with SEO, businesses need to be patient and this method will not be suitable for business people who need to advertise quickly.

The Competitors

Obviously, with any business, competition is inevitable. If you do it, they will too. So if you want to achieve the desired results, find the unique and different points of your business and implement SEO right away for that.

Có không ít đối thủ đang thực hiện SEO

There are many competitors who are doing SEO

Constant fluctuations of SEO rankings

Search rankings are unpredictable because they can fluctuate without any warning. Therefore, enterprises must anticipate all possible outcomes in order to take timely measures and offer appropriate next plans.

How to To exploit SEO in the most effective way?

To implement SEO optimally, you need:

  • Have a clear goal and plan
  • Combine SEO with other Marketing campaigns
  • Provide value to customers
  • Have a clear goal and plan

First, businesses must set out a specific business strategy. Including setting goals, target customers, a standard website, to providing content and necessary information for customers.

Next, businesses will rely on human resources, finance, competitors, market demand, suppliers, suppliers… to devise short-term strategies according to each of their development stages.

Combine SEO with other Marketing tools

To achieve the best results, businesses should combine SEO with other marketing tools. This will help the business appear on the top of the search engine to be maintained more effectively.

Provide value to customers

SEO is a marketing method that uses content to attract customers. Therefore, if the quality of the content is good, customers will trust and know the business more.

If you are wondering if SEO really matters. In my opinion, whether a B2B or B2C business, SEO is crucial to your online success.

1. Your SEO is something you can control

There are many things about your business that you cannot control. You can't control when new competitors emerge, how your customers react to your new product launch or quarterly profits, or the current situation…

But with SEO, you can control your rankings. And this means that, to some extent, you can control the number of visitors to your website, which directly affects the number of online sales or leads you generate. get, affects how much you can earn from being online.

SEO có thể dễ dàng kiểm soát được

SEO can be easily controlled

This is why SEO is so important, no matter what your business does. And based on how search engines are evolving, there's no sign that SEO will lose its importance any time soon.

2. SEO As a long-term strategy

As the market evolves, yes, it's best to keep a close eye on trends and changes. SEO is a long-term strategy and needs to follow the changes, updates of the market and more importantly of Google.

Sometimes, it will take you 5-6 months to see results for an SEO project, but getting results sooner is also possible. Especially the SEO strategy during the Covid season, or the SEO method, will determine the success of the project, especially during this time.

SEO includes many techniques from simple to advanced, I have systematized this SEO process through the chart below, let's see:

Because of this multi-step process, your business will need to devote a lot of time, effort, and budget to SEO. The more investment, the better the website and far ahead of the competition in the market.

3. SEO can help you achieve your long-term business goals

Imagine you cut a lot of costs from: human resources, money, … with the aim of increasing revenue but you still do not reach your business goals.

SEO giúp doanh nghiệp đạt được mục tiêu dài hạn

SEO helps businesses achieve long-term goals

So the cause from?

Of course, there will be many reasons for not achieving revenue, especially the current market situation is becoming more stressful, shops have to close under government orders, people limit spending a lot, and obviously. It will cut costs for marketing products and services.

But wait, what if you still have a growth opportunity? Opportunities will only come to those who know how to move quickly in business strategy.

During the stressful situation of Covid-19, consumers are choosing to stay at home and shop online more. The growth of the keywords “retailer + online” increased by 100% compared to the same period last year. This is an opportunity for your business.

Let's appear in the Digital world more, publish more content, build customer loyalty soon, that's what businesses need to do. And if there is a correct and sustainable SEO method, the business will attract more traffic and generate more revenue from the online platform.

4. Overcoming competition from competitors

There will always be competition and because if that position isn't yours, it will certainly be your opponent's.

If you run ads on social networks, believe that your competitors can do the same, and they are always trying to achieve the highest rankings, the best frequency, overshadowing the position. yours in the places that matter most.

According to research by BrightEdge:

  • 51% of website traffic comes from organic search.
  • 10% of paid search terms
  • 5% for access from social networking sites
  • 34% from other sources

SEO is 10x more effective than other media, takes up to 51% more traffic for your website, and account for up to 40% of your revenue. Even having a ranking midway through page one can result in your competitors pulling in a larger audience than you, since 1st place always gets most of the clicks.

SEO cực kỳ hiệu quả

SEO is 10x more effective than other media

Competitor analysis will give you insight into which keywords work well for your business, track where your competitors have backlinks so you can “down” them to lower positions. .

5. Good website, attracting potential customers

Brand reputation is so important to a company that it determines whether shoppers will buy your products.

SEO giúp gia tăng danh tiếng thương hiệu

SEO helps increase brand reputation

Brand is one of the important factors that determine whether consumers buy or not. And SEO determines the position of the brand in the mind of the customer.

To be able to appear on the search page, you will need to publish a lot of quality content and comply with SEO standards, properly structure your website so that search spiders can easily scan your site. Once the website grows and looks beautiful that will attract more potential customers, your revenue will also increase significantly.

A good website optimized for SEO will create a lot of value including revenue and reputation for the brand. Even now, you can take advantage of this time to SEO your website and build your brand. Building a website takes time and effort, so don't wait any longer, start doing it now!

6. SEO expands market share for businesses

Your business wants to expand the market but don't know where to start? Want to expand the market but save costs, focus on developing your Digital channels because the majority of consumers are present on the Internet.

As the world changes, users increasingly integrate digital devices into their daily lives, they are searching more on the Internet.

SEO mở rộng thị phần cho doanh nghiệp

SEO expands market share for businesses

7. SEO builds trust and credibility

The goal of any experienced SEO is to establish a solid foundation for a beautiful website with a clean, efficient user experience that is easily discoverable in search thanks to trust and brand reputation and digital attributes.

Establishing a brand with SEO requires patience, effort, and commitment, but also relies on providing a valuable, quality product or service that allows customers to trust a brand.

8. SEO helps you take care and convert from customers

Your potential customers are customers who will definitely use Google when they have a problem. Their presentation is different depending on how they perceive the problem and the available solutions.

SEO giúp tăng khả năng chuyển đổi khách hàng

SEO increases customer conversion

When you create content that addresses a buyer's need at a particular stage of their life, it means that it's more relevant to the user's interests.

Can you do this with paid ads? And don't need SEO to take care of potential customers at different stages of their search cycle?

But in my experience, most of the clicks, customers go to organic and highly ranked results. This is especially true of information searches. Therefore, even if you are on a budget with Google Adwords, you will not get any traffic from users reading your articles.

9. Good SEO also means better user experience

Everyone wants better organic rankings and maximum visibility. Few realize that optimal user experience is an important part of getting there.

Google has learned to interpret user experience as favorable or unfavorable, and positive user experience has become an important factor in the success of a website.

Trải nghiệm người dùng tốt hơn nhờ SEO

Better User Experience Thanks to SEO

Customers know what they want. If they can't find it, there will be a problem. And performance will suffer.

A clear example of building a strong user experience is how Google is increasingly becoming an answer engine that provides searchable data directly on SERPs (search engine results pages) to users. use.

The purpose of that is to give users the information they are looking for with fewer clicks, quickly and easily.

Quality SEO incorporates a positive user experience, leverage that to work in favor of the brand.

10. SEO affects the buying process

Customers make their search. That's one of the biggest advantages of the Internet from a buyer's perspective.

Using SEO tactics to optimize your content, conveying your message to your customers to promote your products and/or services will be the game changing factor.

SEO tác động đến quá trình mua hàng của người dùng

SEO affects the buying process of users

When customers search for solutions on Google, you have articles that provide those solutions and you win their minds. SEO will positively impact the buying cycle when done properly.

When you build yourself an effective content strategy, combined with SEO optimization, you will easily continue to conquer customers on their journey to find products and services.

11. Measure performance easily

As you probably know: Planning and executing an SEO campaign is not an easy task.

However, it's not just planning and execution that's done, but also measuring. You need to constantly monitor the effectiveness, learn from mistakes, and constantly improve your campaign.

The best way to track the effectiveness of an SEO campaign is to focus on specific SEO KPIs. SEO KPIs will help you know if your campaign is going well, ensuring you promptly recognize any warning signals at the earliest.

As you can see, SEO is a complex business that includes many different techniques, tactics, and methods. However, the trade-off is always worth it.


By now, you probably already know why SEO is so important. If you know how to do Digital Marketing in general and SEO in particular, you can not only survive this time but also develop spectacularly.

SEO can help a business accomplish goals, including those related to brand awareness, traffic, conversions, customer experience, and more, which is why. You need to have a firm grasp of what SEO is, to help your business achieve its key business goals.

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