The true story of PBN and Link juice

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I bet you when implementing PBN (Private Blog Network) or simply deploying backlinks from a satellite website / your own website, you will have these questions:

  • Question 1 – How many times can you link from a PBN to a money site?
  • Question 2 –And how many different money sites can a PBN link to?
  • Question 3 – How can I improve the effectiveness of backlinks from PBN?

These are definitely 3 questions that come up frequently; so I'll explain all 3. But first, make sure everyone understands, I'll explain to you some of the concepts of Link Juice.

How is Link Juice affected by Outbound Link count?

What I am about to discuss is by no means new. These concepts have been around since 1998 with the introduction of the PageRank algorithm, which is still the core algorithm Google uses today to determine SERP results.

The Page Rank algorithm is pretty complicated, so I'll try to simplify it by using a fictional metric called “Link Juice Score” (DLJ). The DLJ represents a website's ability to rank when it links to another website.

Imagine, a website called links to the website already has a good number of backlinks pointing to it and counts as . After that, it only goes to link for each, so gets the full 100 DLJ. It's as simple as that!

điểm link juice pbn get all PBN's DLJ

Now suppose that links to 2 URLs. These URLs can be on the same domain or on 2 different domains.

Because there are currently two links, the LJPs will split the 2 URLs equally, now each URL only gets 50 LJPs.

chia điểm link juice

PBNs that lead to 2 different URLs will split the DLJ

This hypothesis continues, as the PBN links to more URLs, the LJP score of each URL decreases. For example, if you have 10 URLs on your PBN, each URL has 10 LJPs.

But is that really the case…?

Two more complicated concepts are “Credibility” and “reliability”. Today's backlink building campaigns are not only about Link Juice but also about increasing the authority and credibility of the website. Only then will the backlink campaign be effective.


Suppose you have a website named “”. One day, by taking advantage of the relationship, you get a backlink in a new post on

Since this is a new post and doesn't have a backlink to it yet, the Link Juice brought to you is negligible. However, since has a Domain Rating (DR) of 69, you can be sure that backlinks from bring a lot of SEO benefits to you because is an extremely powerful website. credit & related.

At this point the calculation method will become a bit complicated. Because at this time, most will transmit to mainly about prestige (authority or Trust). This authority will not be evenly distributed like the link juice above, but it will not decrease if the number of URLs is increased.

If you have a link from, it is considered as a vote from an authority that proves your website is in accordance with their policies and this vote will not be invalidated if the article This also links to other pages.

domain tăng điểm link juice

DLJ will increase significantly if the page has links from domains with high DR

Reputation and trustworthiness of PBNs

When it comes to PBN SEO, I often overlook the authority and reliability of the PBN.

I have applied many ways to increase PBN credibility and trust from trust increasing techniques and they really work. But the truth is that most of you just need to pay attention to what is the Trust Flow PBN, Reffering Domains, which brings high/many traffic to your website, right?

To answer the two questions posed in this article, let's simplify the problem a bit by ignoring the concept of reliability and thinking only of Link Juice.

Question 1 – How many times can a PBN be linked to a money site?

Answer: As many times as you want, as long as it's natural, the better results you'll get.

PBNs are blog sites. The most natural use of a blog is when you write content that brings a lot of value to your readers. You may end up linking to other URLs that help further support your article, improving the information you provide to your readers.

Often people will choose to link to each domain only once. However, that's not always the case. For example, it is entirely possible that someone writes an article about XYZ company fraud to scam users and link to 2 sources of reference articles from

However, with SEO, if you want to build sustainably and effectively, it's best to put only one link for each article and if you want to point to the same domain again, I will write a new article.

Well, above all, you need to pay attention to the outbound link density.

Side question: If linking multiple times to a URL, what anchor text should be used and how much Link Juice goes to each link?

Imagine that you on a PBN article that has a link to n homepage 2 times and page in 1 time

What happens in this case is that only the first anchor text is considered. Regarding link juice, the homepage will receive 2/3 Link Juice and the content page inside will only have 1/3.

anchor text tăng điểm link juice

Only the first anchor text counts DLJ

Side Question: Can I link to the same moneysite twice, on two different articles?

Of course it is possible!

Question 2 – How many money sites can be linked from a PBN?

Let's look at it another way… can you get more power in each PBN by linking them multiple times?

If you have 3 links from each of your PBNs, then the Link Juice to each URL accounts for 1/3 of that PBN's total link juice. Based on the chart I provided above, compared to using only 1 pbn per URL, in this case you need 3 times as many PBNs.

Is it? Not necessarily…

Question 3: How to increase the effectiveness of PBN

Surely here you will ask: “So how many backlinks can a maximum PBN give and start to lose strength and no longer be so effective? If the number is too small, the PBN will look like a product that is used a few times and then discarded.

Based on my implementation experience and GTV SEO, a PBN you should give about 18 backlinks to your total money sites only and at least 18 – 32 outbound links to authority sites for best results.

But the truth is, you can not only link out with such numbers, you can even push the number of backlinks to increase much more, but make each backlink even more powerful and effective.

It all depends on how you build a PBN!

If you consider a PBN as just setting up and giving backlinks to your moneysite, of course it has its limits. But if you consider PBN a real moneysite and invest in it, then your PBN will not only become stronger but also more sustainable.

Think about the scenario that you have a website with a very high Trust Flow, Reffering domains, DA, etc., which are closely related to the topic of your website and above all a website with a lot of traffic (eg: 10,000). traffic/month). This makes your backlinks really powerful and can yield results like the one below.

xây dựng pbn

Image showing the power of a link from a well-built PBN – Keyword 40,000 search volume and difficulty 35 in VN

One of the best things is that you do not need to spend too much effort, time & money. You just need to apply exactly 2 things which are:

  • Silo structure
  • Phantom keywords


I think now you also have a more complete understanding of PBN, Link Juice as well as how to build it to be optimal.

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