How To Avoid The Google Sandbox

How To Avoid The Google Sandbox

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If you are building a content-based website, you probably have heard of the google sandbox. I am going to review what it is and show you how to avoid the Google Sandbox.

The google sandbox may not be technically a real thing, but there is much evidence that the hockey stick growth at months 6-8 is genuine. Website owners, time and time again, have shown this rise in page views at the same timeframe. Coincidence? I doubt it, but there are ways to speed up the timeframe.

  • Expired domain
  • Use internal links
  • Use long tail keywords
  • Use social profiles
  • Keep putting out quality content on a consistent basis

How To Avoid The Google Sandbox

First off, Google says there is no such thing as the Google “Sandbox,” and I believe them. However, something in their algorithm prevents a new website from generating a lot of traffic. There is just too much evidence that shows the result of this hockey stick effect. So regardless of what you want to call it or how it works, the impact is real.

Hockey Stick

Why Does It Matter?

The delay of traffic only matters for two reasons.

  1. You are working hard at creating conent and you want validation that what you are writing is being well received and being seen. This gives you encouragement and shows you whether you are on the right track. One of the biggest reasons bloggers fail is the lack of that feed back and perception that it is not working so they give up.
  2. You need a lot of pageviews to make money. Affiliate links need traffic to earn commissions and ads on your site need traffic to earn advertising revenue. What better feedback is there than financial reward?

How To Shorten The “Sandbox” Timeframe

Aged Domain

Using an aged domain is one way to speed up the process, and if you buy a domain that someone used before, it might mean that Google will give its previous authority, thus treating it like a seasoned domain that would get you traffic faster. In addition, old domains may have backlinks already established and can give your SEO a real boost. Here are four sites you can buy domains at:

Use Internal Links

Internal links help Google understand your website, and this will give it more authority. Internal links also spread the authority power around your website and create a crawlable network for Google to follow. You will generate more traffic with links.

Long Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords have less competition, thus making it easier for your blog post to rank high on Google. High rankings will generate more traffic, and more traffic gets you noticed by Google. On the other hand, if you focus on highly competitive keywords, your blog post may just get lost and never seen as older; more authoritative sites beat it out.

Utilize Social Media

As much as I despise social media, there is no arguing that adding social media to your arsenal is a necessary evil. Eyeballs on your posts, articles, etc., will generate traffic, and additional traffic can spread like wildfire. I suggest utilizing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Linkedin. Use your judgment if you think your content doesn't apply to any of those.

Quality Content On A Consistent Basis

I have heard many successful bloggers say “quality content consistently” is the key to having success. So stay focused on creating good content and make as much as you can. You need a minimum of 30 blog posts but don't stop there. Keep adding as much as you can.


If you follow these steps, you can avoid the Google Sandbox or at least shorten the timeframe. Do a lot of research on any aged domains and make sure it is a good one free of any horrible spam history and Google penalties. Above all else, generate good content and a lot of it. Before you know it, you will be getting 30,000 page views per month.

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